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USC Office of Admission Interview FAQ

All interview dates and times are full. What should I do?

USC admission interviews are extremely popular, so they fill quickly. Unfortunately, the size of our annual applicant pool prohibits us from being able to provide an interview to everyone who wants one. You may check back at the site for openings as students cancel.

We are able to interview less than 20% of our applicants, so the interview is strictly optional. There will be no disadvantage to you in the application process if you do not interview.

Can I be put on a waiting list?
We do not maintain waiting lists for interviews.

Who conducts USC admission interviews?
Our interviews are conducted by admission officers, admission interns, and USC alumni.

What impact will the interview have on my admission decision?
Relax! Don't be too stressed about these interviews! We offer them because we like to meet our applicants. In fact, interviews are an optional part of the USC admission process. Last year, fewer than 20% of our freshman applicants received an interview. Because of this, we don't factor interviews too heavily in our admission review process.

The interview gives us an opportunity to meet you and find out more about who you are. Insights into your interests, personality and motivation assist us in making fair admission decisions.

The notes taken by your interviewer will be placed in your application file and the Admission Committee will refer to them when they consider your application. Your interview will not overcome a poor application; we highly recommend you use your time to put forth the best written application you can present.

What questions will be asked?
Interviewers are interested in learning more about the background, interests and motivation of each student they meet. Your interview isn't a test and certainly isn't designed to make you uncomfortable. The discussion will focus on you, so be prepared to talk about yourself!

Will I be able to ask questions to my interviewer?
Yes. Our interviewers are happy to answer your questions about USC. However, due to time constraints, they might not be able to entertain especially broad or complicated inquiries.

What should I wear to my interview?
Business casual attire is appropriate.

Should I bring anything with me to the interview (resume, transcripts, etc.)?
While it is not necessary to bring materials with you to the interview, some students find that bringing a resume may be helpful. However, if you have a portfolio of creative works (for instance, if you're interested in architecture or fine arts), please leave it at home; your interviewer will not have the time to evaluate it.

How long do these interviews last?
Our admission interviews are intended to last approximately 25 minutes. We typically schedule two interviews per hour.

Are my parents expected to participate in the interview?
Our admission interviews are intended to be one-on-one discussions between a USC representative and a prospective student. Although your parents may certainly accompany you to the interview site, they will not participate in the interview.

Will I receive a confirmation of my interview?
When you schedule an interview, you will receive a confirmation page that you may print. In addition, we will e-mail you an identical confirmation when you make your reservation.

Do you have driving directions to the interview sites?
We have not prepared maps or driving directions for specific interview locations. However, your confirmation page and e-mail will list the full address of your interview site. Our off-campus interviews are held in hotels, so directions should be easy to obtain using an Internet map service such as MapQuest or Google Maps.

For on-campus interviews, driving directions to the USC Campus can be found here.

What about parking?
A few interview locations only have paid parking available (especially the ones that are in downtown metro areas). You may contact the hotel directly if you have questions or concerns about parking arrangements and rates.

For on-campus interviews, parking is available in USC's Parking Structure X (at Gate 3 on Figueroa Street and USC McCarthy Way). Parking is $10.

I have other questions about USC and/or the USC admission process. Can you help?
Try checking the Office of Admission website. You are also welcome to speak with one of our Counselors by calling (213) 740-1111 (M-F, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. PT) or you may e-mail us.