Financial Aid
Net Price Calculator
  • Calculations are based on a student entering USC in fall 2020.
  • For the best results, please enter values from completed 2020 federal income tax returns.
  • USC will consider parent income from all sources.
  • Tax-related losses and depreciation do not reduce total income used to calculate eligibility for aid. (You will be asked to enter the amount of total losses after reporting Adjusted Gross Income.)
  • This calculator is not designed to estimate a family contribution for students whose natural parents do not live in the same household because they are divorced, separated, remarried or never married. USC determines both a custodial and a noncustodial parental contribution in these cases. If either parent is remarried, we may consider the stepparent's contribution in our official needs analysis.
Parent Household Information
How many people are in your family?
Indicate anyone who receives at least half their support from the parents. Include parents and student.
Of the number in your family above, how many will be in college next year?
Count yourself and your siblings. Do NOT count parents or siblings who are graduate or professional students.
Parent Income
What is your parent's Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)?
Enter AGI as reported on the federal income tax return. If the AGI is negative, indicate it with a minus (-) sign. If parents did not file, enter the sum of any income earned by each parent in this field.
What is the sum of your income losses?
Enter losses reported from business, real estate, partnerships or S-corporations and capital losses. Enter this figure as a positive number.
Please enter any untaxed income and/or benefits.
Enter income from the following sources: payments to tax-deferred pension plans, deductible IRA, SEP and Keogh payments, child support received, housing, food, or other living allowances [military, clergy, etc.], additional child tax credits, welfare benefits, untaxed Social Security benefits, foreign earned income exclusion, untaxed portion of pensions or IRA, any other untaxed income or benefits.
Parent Assets
Please enter total amount in cash, savings and checking accounts.
Please enter current market value of home (primary residence).
Please enter total current debt owed on home (primary residence).
Please enter net worth of investments (stocks, money market funds).
Do not include retirement accounts.
Please enter current market value of other real estate owned.
Please enter total debt owed against other real estate owned.
Please enter value of business or farm.
Please enter debt of business or farm.
Please enter total value of assets held in the names of the student's younger siblings.